Wheel seal replacement

Wheel seals 2 hours per seal 

Brakes 1 hour per wheel

All small cam and big cam engines and N14

60 series Detroit repair

Acert cat repair

call 303-587-6954 or tuner8@aol.com

All types of truck repair  from head lights to tail lights. Engine repair ,cat, Cummins, Detroit, diesels overheads and major repair. I also rebuild transmissions rear ends.Electrical and a/c service preformed.I also do dot inspections.I also have computers for cat cummins and diertoit to read all falts.


This one had white smoke and a miss. Found burnt gasket burnt spacer plate.It's getting an inframe overhaul

Labor rate $130.00 per hour

Prices for repairs parts extra:

A,Band E and C cat engines

92 series 71 and 53 series

class 8 truck repair and maintenance 

I have a new lift for pickups dodge diesel only it'sa 1500 pounds

Rod and main bearings replacement 8 hours

This diff had a lot of metal on the drain plug it was replaced

I also do cab over's this one is a big cam 3 need an over haul

So when was the last time your bearings were checked

The frame was cracked from rust jacking both side were replaced